Today, over 98% of Fortune 500 Companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure content of your résumé matches a position they are seeking to fill. Recruiters and hiring managers use ATS filtering and ranking based on Hard Skills, Soft Skills Other Company-Specific Keywords, and Education. 


We recommend focusing on  the Hard Skills that appear more frequently in a position description you are applying for, as those have more impact on a match rate.  A Job Title is also a key factor,  we recommend including it on your résumé.  

​​At Writing With A Flair, our goal is to help you land an interview with an optimized résumé based on tools used by recruiters for hiring, ranking, and filtering résumés. 


We use the best writing practices, including an analysis tool to measure your résumé match rate (ranging 0% to 100%) based on how well your résumé matches up to a  job description you provide. We focus on adding hard skills, especially those that occur frequently and have a bigger impact.  An optimal  match rate of 80% is generally a good match to boost your interview chances.

Creating optimized résumés to help land you an interview.

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