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Creating Résumés For Telecommute-Work Opportunities

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Since March 2020, COVID has impacted the job market and has forced businesses nationwide to close during the pandemic. Remote-work and collaboration skills are more desirable for employers right now.  It has caused companies to close their doors, forced workers to work from home, or in worst cases workers being laid off.  Having a business or a job that can be managed from anywhere remotely, is a great advantage, and you can manage your own schedule or work at home.  A few tips to consider during your job searching to make your résumé competitive while working remotely include:

  • Search for collaboration and technology tools such as (IM/Chat or Google Chat) or video conferencing tools (Skype, GoToMeeting, or Zoom).  

  • Search for job descriptions with business-related programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, Salesforce, or WordPress) you are familiar with or comfortable using and include them on your résumé.

  • Search for "Work from Home" job titles and descriptions that include virtual or social media, these roles can help companies sell or promote products, services, or increase their customer loyalty by using online platforms or collaboration tools, see examples below. 

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager jobs relies on being online, and can be worked remotely. They oversee an organization's social media activities like scheduling updates, sharing relevant content, engaging with fans and followers, answering to customer inquiries, and covering company events on social networks.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager attends their clients by phone or chat. They offer guidance and assistance to customers in order to maximize loyalty and satisfaction. Common responsibilities of a Customer Service Manager are answering inquiries, handling complaints, giving instructions, and selling products.

Internet Marketer

Internet Marketer jobs helps companies promote their products and services using online tools. They improve website visibility, attract traffic on the website, run ad campaigns, monitor online competitors, conduct webinars, manage social media accounts, create marketing content, and commission work to web designers, content writers, and photographers.

Ecommerce Manager

Ecommerce Manager handles virtual stores online. They create a strong brand image, encourage online sales, manage an online

transaction system, including improve user experience, foster and nurture prospects, and update online stores.

Revenue Cycle Manager

Revenue Cycle Managers work with

clients to design flexible workforce scheduling for remote planning to deliver financial and performance results for revenue cycle services.

Internet Marketer

Internet Marketers may work with clients and companies to improve website visibility, conduct webinars, create online marketing content, or update social media accounts.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants work with clients to manage online meetings, plan schedules, handle emails, perform marketing research, or research new

business or customer opportunities. 

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers work with clients to oversee social media activities, schedule updates, share content, engage with followers, answer inquiries, or manage events on social networks remotely.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers work

with customers by phone or online chats to provide guidance, assist customers to maximize satisfaction, answer phone inquiries or promote company products or services.

Copywriter Manager

Copywriter Managers work with clients to write or send content via email, video conference, perform online research, integrate visual or sound products, or edit content while working remotely.

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